Badger Link

Part of a perinatal solution for women and children is to support those who care for them.

Badger Link has been designed to join together the clinical care record, the personal health record portal, and the logistics of those providing the services of looking after women and children.  With the ability to view events and organise communication across all levels of working, this app provides and essential link between women and children and those who look after them.

What does Badger Link do?

Badger Link is an iOS and Android app that is designed to support clinical users and all those supporting the care of women and children in providing that care.  Designed around the needs of the clinical users, teams, units, networks, and those that support the service, it contains many features including:

  • Creating secure chat at a team level across your unit.  This links in with your BadgerNet record in creating the teams and associating the users
  • Viewing networks and units and associated details for contact
  • Viewing real time cot status across the UK
  • Updating local cot status
  • Push notifications for key events at your unit
  • Profiles to be used for continuity of care in the Personal Health Records, allowing women and families to know those who are looking after them

What does Badger Link cost?

Badger Link is part of the core services of BadgerNet and there are no additional costs for this app.  If a unit not using BadgerNet would like to use this, please get in touch for any costs associated for running this separately.

How can I find out more?

Please give us a ring or follow the link in our contacts below.  BadgerNet is an easy to use system with a broad scope- feel free to ask us any question to find out more!