Badger Notes Personal Health Records (PHR)

Designed to allow all women and families access to interact with real time information about their care

With the ability to link to BadgerNet Neonatal, Maternity, and PICU the portals form part of the single care record for women, babies and children.  The portals not only provide real time information to women and families, but also allow for input back to the clinical record.

About Badger Notes Portals

We recognise how important it is for women and those involved in looking after the newborn have access to information in pregnancy and should their baby be admitted to the neonatal or paediatric unit.  The BadgerNet portal, Badger Notes, allows real time interaction with their pregnancy and baby following birth.

Core elements include of the portals include

  • Joined up portal which allows different units to write to the same pregnancy/ birth for the woman
  • Personalised care plans where the woman can contribute throughout pregnancy
  • Home blood pressure monitoring
  • GP access
  • Push notifications targeting key events in pregnancy
  • Pregnancy diaries
  • Photos and images of pregnancy
  • Targeted leaflets and guidance
  • Pregnancy record
  • Birth plan which writes to the pregnancy record
  • Information of a baby’s stay in the neonatal or paediatric unit
  • Pictures and comments from nurses of a baby’s stay in the neonatal or paediatric unit
  • Well baby information
  • Pathways that include bereavement, twins, and other events included


How does it work across my network?

As a centrally hosted solution, the BadgerNet Portals link with surrounding units writing to the same pregnancy or baby receiving neonatal care.

Does this cost extra?

Clevermed recognise the importance of portals as part of women and family centred models of care.  As such, they are included in the core offering at no additional cost.  However, if units or regions would only like to use this aspect of the system, this can also be enabled- feel free to send an enquiry of costs.

How can I find out more?

Please give us a ring or follow the link in our contacts below.  BadgerNet is an easy to use system with a broad scope- feel free to ask us any question to find out more!

Did you know…..


Approximately 20,000 people log into Badger Notes every day


Over 170,000 pregnant people registered to use Badger Notes each year