BadgerNet Spine Services and Reporting

Part of the BadgerNet suite of services include the tools to ensure that data is joined together and available for analysis.   The BadgerNet Spine allows users of other 3rd party system to link in with the BadgerNet ecosystem, allowing for the creation of a full single pregnancy and newborn record wherever the record moves.

You don’t have to use the BadgerNet care record system or PHR to use these services, which are all about interoperability and data management.

What is the BadgerNet Spine Service?

Having a nationally hosted platform, Clevermed have spent years refining the governance, rules, and understanding of how a maternity and neonatal record should be present when moving between care locations.  This service has allowed for the creation of a single pregnancy and newborn record in all BadgerNet sites and is open to all 3rd party systems to plug into.

Using FHIR definitions, the BadgerNet Spine Service is a powerful tool which allows not only the ability to join records together but also for the possibility for units to opt for elements of the BadgerNet suite of services in a region.

What reporting and data services are offered?

The BadgerNet Platform has an inherent, inbuilt suite of services.  Part of the natural service of the platform is to respond to and ensure that all reports and data required for statutory and national purposes are kept up to date and at no additional cost to the core service.  So, for example, BadgerNet Maternity is compliant with all UK Information Standards Notices (ISNs) as well as MSDS reporting and will be kept up to data when these are updated.

In addition to standard reports, BadgerNet can offer data services for a host of different purposes including regional analysis, research, and bespoke queries.  Part of this service is supporting and advising on the governance models surrounding the requests.

How can I find out more?

Please give us a ring or follow the link in our contacts below.  BadgerNet is an easy to use system with a broad scope- feel free to ask us any question to find out more!