BadgerNet Neonatal forms a single record of care for all babies within neonatal services. It is currently in use in over 250 hospitals throughout the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. 

BadgerNet Neonatal- EPR

BadgerNet Neonatal Electronic Patient Record (EPR) is designed to support full paperless working within a neonatal unit.  While still connecting to all other BadgerNet records available in other units, EPR allows units real time, contemporaneous recording of all daily events.

Key features include:

  • Ad hoc event forms for all events within the unit   undefined

  • Fluids charting and full line management

  • Results interfaces and charting

  • Interfaces to patient monitors with real time trend data recording 

  • Nurse charting

  • Cot management

  • Clinical and nurse handover documentation

  • Parent reports included as part of Baby Diary

  • Detailed iPad app with interactive white boards

BadgerNet Neonatal EPR- Events During Stay

One of the key differences between the neonatal summary system and EPR is the ability for units to record all ad-hoc events during stay to ensure contemporaneous records are easy to maintain.  An interactive search menu allows users to easily navigate to all relevant events.


Common, important events such as infusions and lines have heir own dedicated view for easy management.  This includes a clear indication of all active lines and infusions as well as intelligent prompts and reminders regarding their status.  Information entered into a single location is displayed throughout the system.


BadgerNet Neonatal EPR- Nursing Console

A detailed nursing console view is available within BadgerNet Neonatal EPR. This includes an intelligent summary of care periods, prompts and reminders during the baby’s stay in the unit, nursing care plans, and visits. BadgerNet EPR fully supports neonatal nurses in the delivery of care.   A site-specific care-plan data base is maintained by each site to allow them to tailor nursing care plans for to meet local requirements.


BadgerNet Neonatal- Summary System

The BadgerNet Neonatal Summary system allows for the daily recording of events within a neonatal unit, including statutory data collection and reporting. All national and international audit data sets can be made available and updated needed.   Units using the summary system are able to enter all essential clinical summary data but in most cases will support their data requirements with paper.

Key features include:

  • Reporting and daily care level calculations  undefined

  • Data quality prompts

  • Discharge letter generation from information completed during stay

  • Intelligent reminders

  • Native iPad app for data entry and ward-round reviews

  • Baby Diary for family and friends


BadgerNet Neonatal Baby Diary

BadgerNet Baby Diary has been designed to provide parents and family secure, real time access to photos of their baby during their baby’s stay in a neonatal unit. This is an opt-in service provided by Clevermed for parents with babies in a neonatal unit using the BadgerNet Platform. The content of the Baby Diary is generated in real time from content, controlled by staff held within the baby’s neonatal record within BadgerNet.


Staff can create entries with friendly comments for the diary and add photos.  The parent is able to access both the daily entries as well as a gallery of all of the photos entered via a web browser or their mobile phone.  Clevermed have released a dedicated iPhone App for parents to download from the Apple iTunes store for free. An equivalent Android App is also available.