BadgerNet Neonatal and Paediatrics

Currently in use in across nearly every unit in the United Kingdom, BadgerNet forms a continuous care record for neonatal and paediatric care. Designed to ensure that whether a baby is admitted for the first time to a neonatal unit or is transferred from another location, units have everything they need to clearly view care to date for that baby.

This neonatal record links into BadgerNet Paediatric Intensive Care (PIC), Paediatric High Dependency Care (HDC), and Paediatric Oncology.

BadgerNet Neonatal and PIC is available as a summary system, recording basic events during the stay, or as a full, paperless electronic patient record (EPR).


What does the BadgerNet Summary System do?

The BadgerNet Summary system allows for the daily recording of events within a neonatal or paediatric unit, including statutory data collection and reporting. All national and international audit data sets can be made available and updated as needed. Units using the summary system are able to enter all essential clinical summary data but, in most cases, will support their data requirements with paper.

In addition, the system includes an iPad app for easy information entry within the unit and Baby Diary, an app which allows parents to view regular updates and photos of their baby in the unit.

Detailed reporting for regional and national reporting is fully included



What does the BadgerNet EPR System do?

BadgerNet EPR allows units real time, contemporaneous recording of all daily events in the neonatal unit. All information entered during a baby’s stay is viewable, allowing for improved data quality and ease of entry while still participating in networked based care across a region.

It  allows a clear view of the clinical status of the baby as well as the ability to enter easy updates. A clinical review can be carried out at any time, either as part of routine ward rounds or as an ad-hoc event.

In addition, a handover screen is also available within the EPR system, allowing users to have a view of all babies currently in the unit, their status, and basic care information.

Core elements include:


  • Ad hoc event forms for all events within the unit
  • Fluids charting and full line management
  • Results interfaces and charting
  • Interfaces to patient monitors with real time trend data recording
  • Nurse charting
  • Cot management
  • Clinical and nurse handover documentation
  • Parent reports included as part of Baby Diary
  • Detailed iPad app with interactive white boards


How does it work across my network?

As a centrally hosted solution, BadgerNet Neonatal links with all BadgerNet Maternity and Neonatal sites across the UK.  This means that units can be assured of having critical information where and when it is needed.

With a detailed governance model in place, units can view all neonatal episodes of care for a baby, wherever that care has occurred.



How do I know it will meet the needs of our unit?

As a managed service, Clevermed ensures that our specialists visit EPR units on site on a regular basis to ensure the system meets their needs. In addition, all sites benefit from updates due to innovation or changes in regulation.  Technology can be of greatest value when it is well supported by a team of specialists to work with end users and understand their needs


How can I find out more?

Please give us a ring or follow the link in our contacts below.  BadgerNet is an easy to use system with a broad scope- feel free to ask us any question to find out more!

Did you know….


There are over 1.3 million neonatal care episodes from over 200 units across the UK stored on the BadgerNet Neonatal database.

Over 14 million daily summary forms have been entered into BadgerNet.  This view of neonatal care across a country over the length of time this covers is unique.


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