BadgerNet Maternity

A full end-to-end maternity system

From real time CTG’s to offline recording carried out away from the confines of the hospital, all events, including hospital, community, or home are included in BadgerNet Maternity.  There is also a portal for women to view and interact with her own notes.

Designed to ensure that more time is focused on the care of the woman and less time writing to multiple systems, bringing all information into one place in a coherent way is fundamental in BadgerNet Maternity.

What does it do?

BadgerNet includes a fully paperless early pregnancy, gynaecology, and maternity system which follows the whole course of a woman’s care and/or pregnancy, including all those involved in her care.  All aspects are included as part of the overall service, with units opting to use features as and when they are ready.

With regular updates included in the service to ensure the system stays current and responds to requests, units can be assured that changes to national data sets, guidance, and innovation won’t leave their system behind or with a large bill for changes!

Core elements of BadgerNet Maternity include:

  • Full community-based events antenatally and postnatally
  • Full in unit events including triage and communication
  • Native CTG views available on iPad and desktop
  • Multiscreen CTG view for handover and planning
  • Whiteboards
  • Charting including partogram, MEOWS, NEWS, Biometric and growth charts, etc.
  • Paperless labour and birth available on iPad and desktop
  • Specialist views for anaesthetics
  • Early pregnancy module
  • Clear and easy to read record of all events
  • Specialist views for areas such as safeguarding and perinatal mental health
  • Portal to support women accessing and interacting with her notes online, including personal care plans
  • Home blood pressure monitoring which women can complete
  • Compliant with national datasets (SMR02, MSDS, etc.)
  • Detailed reporting
  • Continuity of care model built in
  • Single point of access and solution for choices built in
  • Designed as a regional solution, allowing for a single pregnancy record to run across multiple sites
  • Early pregnancy and gynaecology module available as a separate instance


How does it work across my network?

As a centrally hosted solution, BadgerNet Maternity links with all BadgerNet Maternity and Neonatal sites across the UK.  This means that units can be assured of having critical information where and when it is needed.

With a detailed governance model in place, units can also opt in to joining a single pregnancy record in their region.  This allows units to write to the same pregnancy record, ensuring that information on hand when needed!


How do I know it will meet the needs of our unit?

As a managed service, Clevermed ensures that our specialists are on site on a regular basis to ensure the system meets the needs of all our sites. In addition, all sites benefit from updates due to innovation or changes in regulation.  Each unit can then customise settings themselves to ensure the system and pathways support their care. Technology can be of greatest value when it is well supported by a team of specialists to work with end users and understand their needs


How can I find out more?

Please give us a ring or follow the link in our contacts below.  BadgerNet is an easy to use system with a broad scope- feel free to ask us any question to find out more!

Did you know……


Thousands of labour assessments are filled out in real time each month using BadgerNet supporting the approximately 170,000 births per year recorded on the platform